Performance tracing facility for clangd.


Performance tracing facility for clangd.

This lets you visualize clangd's activity on different threads over time,
and understand critical paths of requests and object lifetimes.
The data produced can be visualized in Chrome (at chrome://tracing), or
in a standalone copy of catapult (

This patch consists of:

  • a command line flag "-trace" that causes clangd to emit JSON trace data
  • an API (in Trace.h) allowing clangd code to easily add events to the stream
  • several initial uses of this API to capture JSON-RPC requests, builds, logs

Example result:


  • JSON serialization is ad-hoc (isn't it everywhere?) so the API is limited to naming events rather than attaching arbitrary metadata. I'd like to fix this (I think we could use a JSON-object abstraction).
  • The recording is very naive: events are written immediately by locking a mutex. Contention on the mutex might disturb performance.
  • For now it just traces instants or spans on the current thread. There are other things that make sense to show (cross-thread flows, non-thread resources such as ASTs). But we have to start somewhere.

Reviewers: ioeric, ilya-biryukov

Subscribers: cfe-commits, mgorny

Differential Revision:


sammccallNov 2 2017, 2:21 AM
Differential Revision
D39086: Performance tracing facility for clangd.
rL317192: Fix building for ARM with dwarf exception handling