Resubmit "[lit] Force site configs to run before source-tree configs"


Resubmit "[lit] Force site configs to run before source-tree configs"

This is a resubmission of r313270. It broke standalone builds of
compiler-rt because we were not correctly generating the llvm-lit
script in the standalone build directory.

The fixes incorporated here attempt to find llvm/utils/llvm-lit
from the source tree returned by llvm-config. If present, it
will generate llvm-lit into the output directory. Regardless,
the user can specify -DLLVM_EXTERNAL_LIT to point to a specific
lit.py on their file system. This supports the use case of
someone installing lit via a package manager. If it cannot find
a source tree, and -DLLVM_EXTERNAL_LIT is either unspecified or
invalid, then we print a warning that tests will not be able
to run.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D37756


zturnerSep 15 2017, 3:10 PM
Differential Revision
D37756: [lit] Force site configs to be run before source-tree configs
rL313406: [libFuzzer] minor refactoring, NFC

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Could you please update the documentation (and let me know) here (http://clang.llvm.org/hacking.html) on how to use the updated configuration to run the tests.

Specifically, what should i be executing as opposed to this (since this doesn't work anymore, and i couldn't find any easy documentation on how to use your update, and i'm not too familiar with python/lit etc.):

python (path to llvm)\llvm\utils\lit\lit.py -sv

--param=build_mode=Win32 --param=build_config=Debug
--param=clang_site_config=(build dir)\tools\clang\test\lit.site.cfg

(path to llvm)\llvm\tools\clang\test


OK. It appears to be something along these lines:

python %clang_drive_letter%\%clang_root_dir%\build\Debug\bin\llvm-lit.py -sv %clang_drive_letter%\%clang_root_dir%\llvm\tools\clang\test