[DivRempairs] add a pass to optimize div/rem pairs (PR31028)


[DivRempairs] add a pass to optimize div/rem pairs (PR31028)

This is intended to be a superset of the functionality from D31037 (EarlyCSE) but implemented
as an independent pass, so there's no stretching of scope and feature creep for an existing pass.
I also proposed a weaker version of this for SimplifyCFG in D30910. And I initially had almost
this same functionality as an addition to CGP in the motivating example of PR31028:

The advantage of positioning this ahead of SimplifyCFG in the pass pipeline is that it can allow
more flattening. But it needs to be after passes (InstCombine) that could sink a div/rem and
undo the hoisting that is done here.

Decomposing remainder may allow removing some code from the backend (PPC and possibly others).

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D37121