[builtins] Get the builtins tests passing on Windows


[builtins] Get the builtins tests passing on Windows

Many things were broken:

  • We stopped building most builtins on Windows in r261432 for reasons that are not at all clear to me. This essentially reverts that patch.
  • Fix %librt to expand to clang_rt.builtins-$arch.lib on Windows instead of libclang_rt.builtins-$arch.a.
  • Fix memory protection tests (trampoline, enable executable, clear cache) on Windows. One issue was that the MSVC incremental linker generates ILT thunks for functions with external linkage, so memcpying the functions into the executable stack buffer wasn't working. You can't memcpy an RIP-relative jump without fixing up the offset.
  • Disable tests that rely on C99 complex library functions when using the MSVC CRT, which isn't compatible with clang's C99 _Complex.

In theory, these could all be separate patches, but it would not green
the tests, so let's try for it all at once. Hopefully this fixes the
clang-x64-ninja-win7 bot.


rnkApr 7 2017, 9:35 AM
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