[X86][SSE] Add target cpu specific reciprocal tests


[X86][SSE] Add target cpu specific reciprocal tests

As discussed on D26855, check individual cpu targets as part of the investigation into moving more combines to MachineCombiner


RKSimonFeb 5 2017, 10:26 AM
rL294127: filesystem: fix n4100 conformance for `temp_directory_path`

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avt77 added a subscriber: avt77.Feb 9 2017, 4:30 AM
avt77 added a comment.Feb 9 2017, 4:59 AM

I'd like to update these tests again: see the attach. We should add FMA stuff.

Could you do it? Or Could I simply commit the new version?

avt77 added a comment.Feb 10 2017, 6:32 AM

Could you add some new tests like these:

define float @f32_one_step_2_divs(float %x) #1 {

%div = fdiv fast float 3456.0, %x
%div2 = fdiv fast float %div, %x
ret float %div2


define <8 x float> @v8f32_one_step_2_div(<8 x float> %x) #1 {

%div = fdiv fast <8 x float> <float 1.0, float 2.0, float 3.0, float 4.0, float 5.0, float 6.0, float 7.0, float 8.0>, %x
%div2 = fdiv fast <8 x float> %div, %x
ret <8 x float> %div2


It will show that Haswell can use reciprocal if it's profitable from our sched model point of view. Maybe the corresponding comment should be here as well.