[SelectionDAG] Fix calling convention in expansion of ?MULO.


[SelectionDAG] Fix calling convention in expansion of ?MULO.

The SMULO/UMULO DAG nodes, when not directly supported by the target,
expand to a multiplication twice as wide. In case that the resulting
type is not legal, an __mul?i3 intrinsic is used. Since the type is
not legal, the legalizer cannot directly call the intrinsic with
the wide arguments; instead, it "pre-lowers" them by splitting them
in halves.

The "pre-lowering" code in essence made assumptions about
the calling convention, specifically that i(N*2) values will be
split into two iN values and passed in consecutive registers in
little-endian order. This, naturally, breaks on a big-endian system,
such as our OR1K out-of-tree backend.

Thanks to James Miller <james@aatch.net> for help in debugging.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D25223