set the underlying value of “#pragma STDC FP_CONTRACT” on by default


set the underlying value of “#pragma STDC FP_CONTRACT” on by default

Clang has the default FP contraction setting of “-ffp-contract=on”, which
doesn't really mean “on” in the conventional sense of the word, but rather
really means “according to the per-statement effective value of the relevant

Before this patch, Clang has that pragma defaulting to “off”. Since the
“-ffp-contract=on” mode is really an AND of two booleans and the second of them
defaults to “off”, the whole thing effectively defaults to “off”. This patch
changes the default value of the pragma to “on”, thus making the default pair of
booleans (on, on) rather than (on, off). This makes FP optimization slightly
more aggressive than before when not using either “-Ofast”, “-ffast-math”, or
“-ffp-contract=fast”. Even with this patch the compiler still respects

As per a suggestion by Steve Canon, the added code does _not_ require “-O3” or
higher. This is so as to try our best to preserve identical floating-point
results for unchanged source code compiling for an unchanged target when only
changing from any optimization level in the set (“-O0”, “-O1”, “-O2”, “-O3”) to
any other optimization level in that set. “-Os” and “-Oz” seem to be behaving
identically, i.e. should probably be considered a part of the aforementioned
set, but I have not reviewed this rigorously. “-Ofast” is explicitly _not_ a
member of that set.

Patch authored by Abe Skolnik [a.skolnik@samsung.com] and Stephen Canon [scanon@apple.com].

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D24481