Recommit r265309 after fixed an invalid memory reference bug happened


Recommit r265309 after fixed an invalid memory reference bug happened
when DenseMap growed and moved memory. I verified it fixed the bootstrap
problem on x86_64-linux-gnu but I cannot verify whether it fixes
the bootstrap error on clang-ppc64be-linux. I will watch the build-bot
result closely.

Replace analyzeSiblingValues with new algorithm to fix its compile
time issue. The patch is to solve PR17409 and its duplicates.

analyzeSiblingValues is a N x N complexity algorithm where N is
the number of siblings generated by reg splitting. Although it
causes siginificant compile time issue when N is large, it is also
important for performance since it removes redundent spills and
enables rematerialization.

To solve the compile time issue, the patch removes analyzeSiblingValues
and replaces it with lower cost alternatives containing two parts. The
first part creates a new spill hoisting method in postOptimization of
register allocation. It does spill hoisting at once after all the spills
are generated instead of inside every instance of selectOrSplit. The
second part queries the define expr of the original register for
rematerializaiton and keep it always available during register allocation
even if it is already dead. It deletes those dead instructions only in
postOptimization. With the two parts in the patch, it can remove
analyzeSiblingValues without sacrificing performance.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D15302


wmiApr 6 2016, 8:41 AM
Differential Revision
D15302: [Greedy regalloc] Replace analyzeSiblingValues with something new
rL265546: Enable PIE for CloudABI.