Introduce MachineFunctionProperties and the AllVRegsAllocated property


Introduce MachineFunctionProperties and the AllVRegsAllocated property

MachineFunctionProperties represents a set of properties that a MachineFunction
can have at particular points in time. Existing examples of this idea are
MachineRegisterInfo::isSSA() and MachineRegisterInfo::tracksLiveness() which
will eventually be switched to use this mechanism.
This change introduces the AllVRegsAllocated property; i.e. the property that
all virtual registers have been allocated and there are no VReg operands

With this mechanism, passes can declare that they require a particular property
to be set, or that they set or clear properties by implementing e.g.
MachineFunctionPass::getRequiredProperties(). The MachineFunctionPass base class
verifies that the requirements are met, and handles the setting and clearing
based on the delcarations. Passes can also directly query and update the current
properties of the MF if they want to have conditional behavior.

This change annotates the target-independent post-regalloc passes; future
changes will also annotate target-specific ones.

Reviewers: qcolombet, hfinkel

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dschuffMar 28 2016, 10:05 AM
Differential Revision
D18421: [WIP] MachineFunction Properties
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