[ValueTracking] Remove dead code from an old experiment


[ValueTracking] Remove dead code from an old experiment

This experiment was originally about trying to use facts implied dominating conditions to infer more precise known bits. While the compile time was found to be acceptable on several large code bases, we never found sufficiently profitable examples to justify turning on the code by default. Given this, it's time to abandon the experiment.

Several folks have commented that they've found this useful for experimentation, but nothing has come of those experiments. Given how easy the patch is to apply, there's no reason to leave the code in tree.

For anyone interested in further investigation in this area, I recommend finding the summary email I sent on one of the original review threads. In particular, I now believe the use-list based approach is strictly worse than the dom-tree-walking approach.


reamesMar 3 2016, 11:44 AM
rL262645: [InstCombine] transform bitcasted bitwise logic ops with constants (PR26702)