[IR] Reformulate LLVM's EH funclet IR


[IR] Reformulate LLVM's EH funclet IR

While we have successfully implemented a funclet-oriented EH scheme on
top of LLVM IR, our scheme has some notable deficiencies:

  • catchendpad and cleanupendpad are necessary in the current design but they are difficult to explain to others, even to seasoned LLVM experts.
  • catchendpad and cleanupendpad are optimization barriers. They cannot be split and force all potentially throwing call-sites to be invokes. This has a noticable effect on the quality of our code generation.
  • catchpad, while similar in some aspects to invoke, is fairly awkward. It is unsplittable, starts a funclet, and has control flow to other funclets.
  • The nesting relationship between funclets is currently a property of control flow edges. Because of this, we are forced to carefully analyze the flow graph to see if there might potentially exist illegal nesting among funclets. While we have logic to clone funclets when they are illegally nested, it would be nicer if we had a representation which forbade them upfront.

Let's clean this up a bit by doing the following:

  • Instead, make catchpad more like cleanuppad and landingpad: no control flow, just a bunch of simple operands; catchpad would be splittable.
  • Introduce catchswitch, a control flow instruction designed to model the constraints of funclet oriented EH.
  • Make funclet scoping explicit by having funclet instructions consume the token produced by the funclet which contains them.
  • Remove catchendpad and cleanupendpad. Their presence can be inferred implicitly using coloring information.

N.B. The state numbering code for the CLR has been updated but the
veracity of it's output cannot be spoken for. An expert should take a
look to make sure the results are reasonable.

Reviewers: rnk, JosephTremoulet, andrew.w.kaylor

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D15139


majnemerDec 11 2015, 9:38 PM
Differential Revision
D15139: [IR] Reformulate LLVM's EH funclet IR
rL255421: Fix the L1 cache search in MemoryCache::Read to use the