[analyzer] Make realloc(ptr, 0) handling equivalent to malloc(0).


[analyzer] Make realloc(ptr, 0) handling equivalent to malloc(0).

Currently realloc(ptr, 0) is treated as free() which seems to be not correct. C
standard (N1570) establishes equivalent behavior for malloc(0) and realloc(ptr,
0): "7.22.3 Memory management functions calloc, malloc, realloc: If the size of
the space requested is zero, the behavior is implementation-defined: either a
null pointer is returned, or the behavior is as if the size were some nonzero
value, except that the returned pointer shall not be used to access an object."
The patch equalizes the processing of malloc(0) and realloc(ptr,0). The patch
also enables unix.Malloc checker to detect references to zero-allocated memory
returned by realloc(ptr,0) ("Use of zero-allocated memory" warning).

A patch by Антон Ярцев!

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D9040