Add remote testing support to the lit config.


Add remote testing support to the lit config.

Executors can be specified at configure time by using the -DLIBCXX_EXECUTOR=""
option. Examples include:

$ cmake <other_flags> -DLIBCXX_EXECUTOR="TimeoutExecutor(30,LocalExecutor())"
    This runs individual tests with a maximum duration

$ cmake <other_flags> -DLIBCXX_EXECUTOR="SSHExecutor('hostname','username')"
    This runs tests on a remote target, using scp to shuttle binaries to the
    target, and ssh to invoke commands there.

$ cmake <other_flags> -DLIBCXX_EXECUTOR="PrefixExecutor('/path/to/run/script',LocalExecutor())"
    This assumes the script knows how to copy run the executables passed to it,
    and allows for the ultimate control. This is useful for running things
    inside emulators like Valgrind & QEMU.

TODO: This doesn't claim to support ShTest tests yet, that will take a bit more

thought & finagling (I'm still not sure how to orchestrate copy-in for those cases.

I've also punted on what to do about tests that read data files. The testsuite
has several tests that need to read *.dat files placed next to them, and
currently those aren't copied over when using, say, an SSHExecutor. The
affected tests are:

   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/filebuf.virtuals/pbackfail.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/filebuf.virtuals/underflow.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/ifstream.assign/member_swap.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/ifstream.assign/move_assign.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/ifstream.assign/nonmember_swap.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/ifstream.cons/move.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/ifstream.cons/pointer.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/ifstream.cons/string.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/ifstream.members/close.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/ifstream.members/open_pointer.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/ifstream.members/open_string.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/input.output/file.streams/fstreams/ifstream.members/rdbuf.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/localization/locales/locale.convenience/conversions/conversions.buffer/pbackfail.pass.cpp
   libc++ :: std/localization/locales/locale.convenience/conversions/conversions.buffer/underflow.pass.cpp

Note: One thing to watch out for when using the SSHExecutor for cross-testing is

that you'll also want to specify a TargetInfo object (so that the host's
features aren't used for available-features checks and flags setup).



jroelofsFeb 25 2015, 4:42 PM
rL230591: PlaceSafepoints: use IRBuilder helpers