[PowerPC] Add StackMap/PatchPoint support


[PowerPC] Add StackMap/PatchPoint support

This commit does two things:

  1. Refactors PPCFastISel to use more of the common infrastructure for call lowering (this lets us take advantage of this common code for lowering some common intrinsics, stackmap/patchpoint among them).
  2. Adds support for stackmap/patchpoint lowering. For the most part, this is very similar to the support in the AArch64 target, with the obvious differences (different registers, NOP instructions, etc.). The test cases are adapted from the AArch64 test cases.

One difference of note is that the patchpoint call sequence takes 24 bytes, so
you can't use less than that (on AArch64 you can go down to 16). Also, as noted
in the docs, we take the patchpoint address to be the actual code address
(assuming the call is local in the TOC-sharing sense), which should yield
higher performance than generating the full cross-DSO indirect-call sequence
and is likely just as useful for JITed code (if not, we'll change it).

StackMaps and Patchpoints are still marked as experimental, and so this support
is doubly experimental. So go ahead and experiment!


hfinkelJan 13 2015, 9:48 AM
rL225807: [StackMaps] Use CurrentFnSymForSize