Rename language option MicrosoftMode to MSVCCompat


Rename language option MicrosoftMode to MSVCCompat

There's been long-standing confusion over the role of these two options. This
commit makes the necessary changes to differentiate them clearly, following up
from r198936.

MicrosoftExt (aka. fms-extensions):
Enable largely unobjectionable Microsoft language extensions to ease
portability. This mode, also supported by gcc, is used for building software
like FreeBSD and Linux kernel extensions that share code with Windows drivers.

MSVCCompat (aka. -fms-compatibility, formerly MicrosoftMode):
Turn on a special mode supporting 'heinous' extensions for drop-in
compatibility with the Microsoft Visual C++ product. Standards-compilant C and
C++ code isn't guaranteed to work in this mode. Implies MicrosoftExt.

Note that full -fms-compatibility mode is currently enabled by default on the
Windows target, which may need tuning to serve as a reasonable default.

See cfe-commits for the full discourse, thread 'r198497 - Move MS predefined
type_info out of InitializePredefinedMacros'

No change in behaviour.


alpJan 14 2014, 4:51 AM
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