Get the breakpoint setting, and the Mac OS X DYLD trampolines and expression…


Get the breakpoint setting, and the Mac OS X DYLD trampolines and expression evaluator to handle Indirect
symbols correctly. There were a couple of pieces to this.

  1. When a breakpoint location finds itself pointing to an Indirect symbol, when the site for it is created it needs to resolve the symbol and actually set the site at its target.
  2. Not all breakpoints want to do this (i.e. a straight address breakpoint should always set itself on the specified address, so somem machinery was needed to specify that.
  3. I added some info to the break list output for indirect symbols so you could see what was happening. Also I made it clear when we re-route through re-exported symbols.
  4. I moved ResolveIndirectFunction from ProcessPosix to Process since it works the exact same way on Mac OS X and the other posix systems. If we find a platform that doesn't do it this way, they can override the call in Process.
  5. Fixed one bug in RunThreadPlan, if you were trying to run a thread plan after a "running" event had been broadcast, the event coalescing would cause you to miss the ThreadPlan running event. So I added a way to override the coalescing.
  6. Made DynamicLoaderMacOSXDYLD::GetStepThroughTrampolinePlan handle Indirect & Re-exported symbols.



jinghamJan 10 2014, 3:46 PM
rL198975: [ms-abi] Adjusting Rules for Padding Between Bases

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