[MIPS] Handle cross-mode (regular <-> microMIPS) jumps

Authored by atanasyan on Feb 19 2019, 2:36 AM.


[MIPS] Handle cross-mode (regular <-> microMIPS) jumps

The patch solves two tasks:

  1. MIPS ABI allows to mix regular and microMIPS code and perform

cross-mode jumps. Linker needs to detect such cases and replace
jump/branch instructions by their cross-mode equivalents.

  1. Other tools like dunamic linkers need to recognize cases when dynamic

table entries, e_entry field of an ELF header etc point to microMIPS
symbol. Linker should provide such information.

The first task is implemented in the MIPS<ELFT>::relocateOne() method.
New routine fixupCrossModeJump detects ISA mode change, checks and
replaces an instruction.

The main problem is how to recognize that relocation target is microMIPS
symbol. For absolute and section symbols compiler or assembler set the
less-significant bit of the symbol's value or sum of the symbol's value
and addend. And this bit signals to linker about microMIPS code. For
global symbols compiler cannot do the same trick because other tools like,
for example, disassembler wants to know an actual position of the symbol.
So compiler sets STO_MIPS_MICROMIPS flag in the st_other field.

In MIPS<ELFT>::relocateOne() method we have a symbol's value only and
cannot access any symbol's attributes. To pass type of the symbol
(regular/microMIPS) to that routine as well as other places where we
write a symbol value as-is (.dynamic section, Elf_Ehdr::e_entry field
etc) we set when necessary a less-significant bit in the getSymVA

Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D40147

llvm-svn: 354311


atanasyanFeb 19 2019, 2:36 AM
Differential Revision
D40147: [MIPS] Handle cross-mode (regular <-> microMIPS) jumps
rG19dbc6245fd9: [ARM GlobalISel] Support G_PHI for Thumb2