[analyzer] When failing to evaluate a __builtin_constant_p, presume it's false.

Authored by dergachev.a on Apr 2 2019, 6:53 PM.


[analyzer] When failing to evaluate a __builtin_constant_p, presume it's false.

__builtin_constant_p(x) is a compiler builtin that evaluates to 1 when
its argument x is a compile-time constant and to 0 otherwise. In CodeGen
it is simply lowered to the respective LLVM intrinsic. In the Analyzer
we've been trying to delegate modeling to Expr::EvaluateAsInt, which is
allowed to sometimes fail for no apparent reason.

When it fails, let's conservatively return false. Modeling it as false
is pretty much never wrong, and it is only required to return true
on a best-effort basis, which every user should expect.

Fixes VLAChecker false positives on code that tries to emulate
static asserts in C by constructing a VLA of dynamic size -1 under the
assumption that this dynamic size is actually a constant
in the sense of __builtin_constant_p.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D60110

llvm-svn: 357557