[Flang][openmp][2/5] Make Default clause part of OmpClause

Authored by sameeranjoshi on Dec 21 2020, 12:40 AM.


[Flang][openmp][2/5] Make Default clause part of OmpClause

After discussion in D93482 we found that the some of the clauses were not
following the common OmpClause convention.

The benefits of using OmpClause:

  • Functionalities from structure checker are mostly aligned to work with llvm::omp::Clause.
  • The unparsing as well can take advantage.
  • Homogeneity with OpenACC and rest of the clauses in OpenMP.
  • Could even generate the parser with TableGen, when there is homogeneity.
  • It becomes confusing when to use flangClass and flangClassValue inside TableGen, if incase we generate parser using TableGen we could have only a single let expression.

This patch makes OmpDefaultClause clause part of OmpClause.
The unparse function is dropped as the unparsing is done by WALK_NESTED_ENUM
for OmpDefaultClause.

Reviewed By: clementval, kiranktp

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D93641