[New PM] Introducing PassInstrumentation framework

Authored by fedor.sergeev on Sep 20 2018, 10:08 AM.


[New PM] Introducing PassInstrumentation framework

Pass Execution Instrumentation interface enables customizable instrumentation
of pass execution, as per "RFC: Pass Execution Instrumentation interface"
posted 06/07/2018 on llvm-dev@

The intent is to provide a common machinery to implement all
the pass-execution-debugging features like print-before/after,
opt-bisect, time-passes etc.

Here we get a basic implementation consisting of:

  • PassInstrumentationCallbacks class that handles registration of callbacks and access to them.
  • PassInstrumentation class that handles instrumentation-point interfaces that call into PassInstrumentationCallbacks.
  • Callbacks accept StringRef which is just a name of the Pass right now. There were some ideas to pass an opaque wrapper for the pointer to pass instance, however it appears that pointer does not actually identify the instance (adaptors and managers might have the same address with the pass they govern). Hence it was decided to go simple for now and then later decide on what the proper mental model of identifying a "pass in a phase of pipeline" is.
  • Callbacks accept llvm::Any serving as a wrapper for const IRUnit*, to remove direct dependencies on different IRUnits (e.g. Analyses).
  • PassInstrumentationAnalysis analysis is explicitly requested from PassManager through usual AnalysisManager::getResult. All pass managers were updated to run that to get PassInstrumentation object for instrumentation calls.
  • Using tuples/index_sequence getAnalysisResult helper to extract generic AnalysisManager's extra args out of a generic PassManager's extra args. This is the only way I was able to explicitly run getResult for PassInstrumentationAnalysis out of a generic code like PassManager::run or RepeatedPass::run. TODO: Upon lengthy discussions we agreed to accept this as an initial implementation and then get rid of getAnalysisResult by improving RepeatedPass implementation.
  • PassBuilder takes PassInstrumentationCallbacks object to pass it further into PassInstrumentationAnalysis. Callbacks registration should be performed directly through PassInstrumentationCallbacks.
  • new-pm tests updated to account for PassInstrumentationAnalysis being run
  • Added PassInstrumentation tests to PassBuilderCallbacks unit tests. Other unit tests updated with registration of the now-required PassInstrumentationAnalysis.

    Made getName helper to return std::string (instead of StringRef initially) to fix asan builtbot failures on CGSCC tests.

Reviewers: chandlerc, philip.pfaffe
Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D47858

llvm-svn: 342664