Revert r218541 - Don't link in sanitizer runtimes if -nostdlib/-nodefaultlibs…

Authored by samsonov on Oct 22 2014, 5:46 PM.


Revert r218541 - Don't link in sanitizer runtimes if -nostdlib/-nodefaultlibs is provided.

This is a sad thing to do, but all the alternatives look ugly.

Looks like there are legitimate cases when users may want to link
with sanitizer runtimes *and* -nodefaultlibs (and ensure they provide
replacements for system libraries). For example, this happens in libc++
test suite.

"-nodefaultlibs" is told to link only the libraries explicitly provided
by the user, and providing "-fsanitize=address" is a clear indication of
intention to link with ASan runtime.
We can't easily introduce analogue of "-print-libgcc-name": linking with
sanitizers runtimes is not trivial: some runtimes are split into several
archive libraries, which are required to be wrapped in

If "-fsanitize=whatever" and "-nodefaultlibs" are provided, system library
dependencies of sanitizer runtimes (-lc/-ldl/-lpthread/-lrt) will *not* be
linked, and user would have to link them in manually. Note that this can
cause problems, as failing to provide "-lrt" might lead to crashes in runtime
during ASan initialization. But looks like we should bite this bullet.

See r218541 review thread for the discussion.

llvm-svn: 220455


samsonovOct 22 2014, 5:46 PM
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