Fix segmentation fault in lldb_private::Symbols::LocateExecutableSymbolFile()

Authored by brucem on Oct 6 2015, 3:17 AM.


Fix segmentation fault in lldb_private::Symbols::LocateExecutableSymbolFile()

When module_spec.GetFileSpec().GetDirectory().AsCString() returned a nullptr this line caused a segmentation fault:

std::string module_directory = module_spec.GetFileSpec().GetDirectory().AsCString()

Some context:
I was remote debugging an executable built with Clang in an Ubuntu VM on my Windows machine using lldb-mi. I copied the executable and nothing else from the Ubuntu VM to the Windows machine.

Then started lldb-server in the Ubuntu VM:

./bin/lldb-server gdbserver *:8888 -- /home/enlight/Projects/dbgmits/build/Debug/data_tests_target

And ran lldb-mi --interpreter on Windows with the following commands:

-file-exec-and-symbols C:\Projects\data_tests_target
-target-select remote

After which the segmentation fault occurred at the aforementioned line. Inside this method module_spec.GetFileSpec() returns an empty FileSpec (no dir, no filename), while module_spec.GetSymbolFileSpec().GetFilename() returns "libc-2.19.so".

Patch thanks to Vadim Macagon.

Reviewers: brucem, zturner, clayborg

Subscribers: lldb-commits

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D13201

llvm-svn: 249387