[BasicBlockUtils] Fix dbg.value elimination problem in MergeBlockIntoPredecessor

Authored by bjope on Dec 13 2019, 6:53 AM.


[BasicBlockUtils] Fix dbg.value elimination problem in MergeBlockIntoPredecessor

In commit d60f34c20a2f31335c8d5626e (llvm-svn 317128,
PR35113) MergeBlockIntoPredecessor was changed into
discarding some dbg.value intrinsics referring to
PHI values, post-splice due to loop rotation.

That elimination of dbg.value intrinsics did not
consider which dbg.value to keep depending on the
context (e.g. if the variable is changing its value
several times inside the basic block).

In the past that hasn't been such a big problem since
CodeGenPrepare::placeDbgValues has moved the dbg.value
to be next to the PHI node anyway. But after commit
00e238896cd8ad3a7d7 CodeGenPrepare isn't doing that
any longer, so we need to be more careful when avoiding
duplicate dbg.value intrinsics in MergeBlockIntoPredecessor.

This patch replaces the code that tried to avoid duplicate
dbg.values by using the RemoveRedundantDbgInstrs helper.

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Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D71480