[AMDGPU] Disassembler: Added basic disassembler for AMDGPU target

Authored by tstellarAMD on Feb 17 2016, 7:42 PM.


[AMDGPU] Disassembler: Added basic disassembler for AMDGPU target


  • Added disassembler project
  • Fixed all decoding conflicts in .td files
  • Added DecoderMethod=“NONE” option to Target.td that allows to disable decoder generation for an instruction.
  • Created decoding functions for VS_32 and VReg_32 register classes.
  • Added stubs for decoding all register classes.
  • Added several tests for disassembler

Disassembler only supports:

  • VI subtarget
  • VOP1 instruction encoding
  • 32-bit register operands and inline constants


One of the point that requires to pay attention to is how decoder
conflicts were resolved:

  • Groups of target instructions were separated by using different DecoderNamespace (SICI, VI, CI) using similar to AssemblerPredicate approach.
  • There were conflicts in IMAGE_<> instructions caused by two different reasons:
  1. dmask wasn’t specified for the output (fixed)
  2. There are image instructions that differ only by the number of the address components but have the same encoding by the HW spec. The actual number of address components is determined by the HW at runtime using image resource descriptor starting from the VGPR encoded in an IMAGE instruction. This means that we should choose only one instruction from conflicting group to be the rule for decoder. I didn’t find the way to disable decoder generation for an arbitrary instruction and therefore made a onelinear fix to tablegen generator that would suppress decoder generation when DecoderMethod is set to “NONE”. This is a change that should be reviewed and submitted first. Otherwise I would need to specify different DecoderNamespace for every instruction in the conflicting group. I haven’t checked yet if DecoderMethod=“NONE” is not used in other targets.
  3. IMAGE_GATHER decoder generation is for now disabled and to be done later.


Patch By: Sam Kolton

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D16723

llvm-svn: 261185


tstellarAMDFeb 17 2016, 7:42 PM
Differential Revision
D16723: [AMDGPU] Disassembler: Added basic disassembler for AMDGPU target.
rG90bcdb512bc5: [libFuzzer] fix the libFuzzer bot