[profile] Add a mode to continuously sync counter updates to a file

Authored by vsk on Sep 19 2019, 11:56 AM.


[profile] Add a mode to continuously sync counter updates to a file

Add support for continuously syncing profile counter updates to a file.

The motivation for this is that programs do not always exit cleanly. On
iOS, for example, programs are usually killed via a signal from the OS.
Running atexit() handlers after catching a signal is unreliable, so some
method for progressively writing out profile data is necessary.

The approach taken here is to mmap() the __llvm_prf_cnts section onto
a raw profile. To do this, the linker must page-align the counter and
data sections, and the runtime must ensure that counters are mapped to a
page-aligned offset within a raw profile.

Continuous mode is (for the moment) incompatible with the online merging
mode. This limitation is lifted in https://reviews.llvm.org/D69586.

Continuous mode is also (for the moment) incompatible with value
profiling, as I'm not sure whether there is interest in this and the
implementation may be tricky.

As I have not been able to test extensively on non-Darwin platforms,
only Darwin support is included for the moment. However, continuous mode
may "just work" without modification on Linux and some UNIX-likes. AIUI
the default value for the GNU linker's --section-alignment flag is set
to the page size on many systems. This appears to be true for LLD as
well, as its no_nmagic option is on by default. Continuous mode will
not "just work" on Fuchsia or Windows, as it's not possible to mmap() a
section on these platforms. There is a proposal to add a layer of
indirection to the profile instrumentation to support these platforms.


Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D68351