[InstSimplify] fold select with implied condition

Authored by spatel on Nov 29 2018, 10:44 AM.


[InstSimplify] fold select with implied condition

This is an almost direct move of the functionality from InstCombine to
InstSimplify. There's no reason not to do this in InstSimplify because
we never create a new value with this transform.

(There's a question of whether any dominance-based transform belongs in
either of these passes, but that's a separate issue.)

I've changed 1 of the conditions for the fold (1 of the blocks for the
branch must be the block we started with) into an assert because I'm not
sure how that could ever be false.

We need 1 extra check to make sure that the instruction itself is in a
basic block because passes other than InstCombine may be using InstSimplify
as an analysis on values that are not wired up yet.

The 3-way compare changes show that InstCombine has some kind of
phase-ordering hole. Otherwise, we would have already gotten the intended
final result that we now show here.

llvm-svn: 347896


spatelNov 29 2018, 10:44 AM
rGb74d6368974c: Simplify the __builtin_constant_p test that was used to catch rC347417 failure