Fix PR35637: suboptimal codegen for `vector<unsigned char>`.

Authored by EricWF on Jul 27 2019, 9:37 PM.


Fix PR35637: suboptimal codegen for vector<unsigned char>.

The optimizer is petulant and temperamental. In this case LLVM failed to lower
the the "insert at end" loop used by`vector<unsigned char> to a memset` despite
memset being substantially faster over a range of bytes.

LLVM has the ability to lower loops to memset whet appropriate, but the
odd nature of libc++'s loops prevented the optimization from taking places.

This patch addresses the issue by rewriting the loops from the form
do [ ... --__n; } while (__n > 0); to instead use a for loop over a pointer
range (For example: for (auto *__i = ...; __i < __e; ++__i)).

This patch also rewrites the asan annotations to unposion all additional memory
at the start of the loop instead of once per iterations. This could potentially
permit false negatives where the constructor of element N attempts to access
element N + 1 during its construction.

The before and after results for the BM_ConstructSize/vector_byte/5140480_mean
benchmark (run 5 times) are:

Benchmark Time CPU Iterations


BM_ConstructSize/vector_byte/5140480_mean 12530140 ns 12469693 ns N/A
BM_ConstructSize/vector_byte/5140480_median 12512818 ns 12445571 ns N/A

BM_ConstructSize/vector_byte/5140480_stddev 106224 ns 107907 ns 5


BM_ConstructSize/vector_byte/5140480_mean 167285 ns 166500 ns N/A
BM_ConstructSize/vector_byte/5140480_median 166749 ns 166069 ns N/A
BM_ConstructSize/vector_byte/5140480_stddev 3242 ns 3184 ns 5

llvm-svn: 367183


EricWFJul 27 2019, 9:37 PM
rG197c08d64ee5: [Driver] Additional fixup of NOWARN test case from r367165