[nfc] [lldb] DWARF callbacks: DIERef -> DWARFDIE

Authored by jankratochvil on Apr 22 2020, 7:46 AM.


[nfc] [lldb] DWARF callbacks: DIERef -> DWARFDIE

Pavel Labath wrote in D73206:
The internal representation of DebugNames and Apple indexes is fixed by
the relevant (pseudo-)standards, so we can't really change it. The
question is how to efficiently (and cleanly) convert from the internal
representation to some common thing. The conversion from AppleIndex to
DIERef is trivial (which is not surprising as it was the first and the
overall design was optimized for that). With debug_names, the situation
gets more tricky. The internal representation of debug_names uses
CU-relative DIE offsets, but DIERef wants an absolute offset. That means
the index has to do more work to produce the common representation. And
it needs to do that for all results, even though a lot of the index
users are really interested only in a single entry. With the switch to
user_id_t, _all_ indexes would have to do some extra work to encode it,
only for their users to have to immediately decode it back. Having
a iterator/callback based api would allow us to minimize the impact of
that, as it would only need to happen for the entries that are really
used. And /I think/ we could make it interface returns DWARFDies
directly, and each index converts to that using the most direct approach

Jan Kratochvil:
It also makes all the callers shorter as they no longer need to fetch
DWARFDIE from DIERef (and handling if not found by ReportInvalidDIERef)
but the callers are already served DWARFDIE which they need.
In some cases the DWARFDIE had to be fetched both by callee (DWARFIndex
implementation) and caller.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D77970