[scudo][standalone] Introduce the C & C++ wrappers [fixed]

Authored by cryptoad on Jun 27 2019, 7:23 AM.


[scudo][standalone] Introduce the C & C++ wrappers [fixed]

This is a redo of D63612.

Two problems came up on some bots:

  • __builtin_umull_overflow was not declared. This is likely due to an older clang or gcc, so add a guard with __has_builtin and fallback to a division in the event the builtin doesn't exist;
  • contradicting definition for malloc, etc. This is AFAIU due to the fact that we ended up transitively including stdlib.h in the .inc due to it being the flags parser header: so move the include to the cc instead.

This should fix the issues, but since those didn't come up in my local
tests it's mostly guesswork.

Rest is the same!

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