[CUDA][OpenMP] Create generic offload action

Authored by sfantao on Jul 15 2016, 4:13 PM.


[CUDA][OpenMP] Create generic offload action

This patch replaces the CUDA specific action by a generic offload action. The offload action may have multiple dependences classier in “host” and “device”. The way this generic offloading action is used is very similar to what is done today by the CUDA implementation: it is used to set a specific toolchain and architecture to its dependences during the generation of jobs.

This patch also proposes propagating the offloading information through the action graph so that that information can be easily retrieved at any time during the generation of commands. This allows e.g. the "clang tool” to evaluate whether CUDA should be supported for the device or host and ptas to easily retrieve the target architecture.

This is an example of how the action graphs would look like (compilation of a single CUDA file with two GPU architectures)

0: input, "cudatests.cu", cuda, (host-cuda)
1: preprocessor, {0}, cuda-cpp-output, (host-cuda)
2: compiler, {1}, ir, (host-cuda)
3: input, "cudatests.cu", cuda, (device-cuda, sm_35)
4: preprocessor, {3}, cuda-cpp-output, (device-cuda, sm_35)
5: compiler, {4}, ir, (device-cuda, sm_35)
6: backend, {5}, assembler, (device-cuda, sm_35)
7: assembler, {6}, object, (device-cuda, sm_35)
8: offload, "device-cuda (nvptx64-nvidia-cuda:sm_35)" {7}, object
9: offload, "device-cuda (nvptx64-nvidia-cuda:sm_35)" {6}, assembler
10: input, "cudatests.cu", cuda, (device-cuda, sm_37)
11: preprocessor, {10}, cuda-cpp-output, (device-cuda, sm_37)
12: compiler, {11}, ir, (device-cuda, sm_37)
13: backend, {12}, assembler, (device-cuda, sm_37)
14: assembler, {13}, object, (device-cuda, sm_37)
15: offload, "device-cuda (nvptx64-nvidia-cuda:sm_37)" {14}, object
16: offload, "device-cuda (nvptx64-nvidia-cuda:sm_37)" {13}, assembler
17: linker, {8, 9, 15, 16}, cuda-fatbin, (device-cuda)
18: offload, "host-cuda (powerpc64le-unknown-linux-gnu)" {2}, "device-cuda (nvptx64-nvidia-cuda)" {17}, ir
19: backend, {18}, assembler
20: assembler, {19}, object
21: input, "cuda", object
22: input, "cudart", object
23: linker, {20, 21, 22}, image

The changes in this patch pass the existent regression tests (keeps the existent functionality) and resulting binaries execute correctly in a Power8+K40 machine.

Reviewers: echristo, hfinkel, jlebar, ABataev, tra

Subscribers: guansong, andreybokhanko, tcramer, mkuron, cfe-commits, arpith-jacob, carlo.bertolli, caomhin

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D18171

llvm-svn: 275645


sfantaoJul 15 2016, 4:13 PM
Differential Revision
D18171: [CUDA][OpenMP] Create generic offload action
rG4953a01461a2: [asan] trying to fix the windows build