Revert "Use find_library for ncurses"

Authored by haampie on Aug 27 2020, 5:57 PM.


Revert "Use find_library for ncurses"

The introduction of find_library for ncurses caused more issues than it solved problems. The current open issue is it makes the static build of LLVM fail. It is better to revert for now, and get back to it later.

Revert "[CMake] Fix an issue where get_system_libname creates an empty regex capture on windows"
This reverts commit 1ed1e16ab83f55d85c90ae43a05cbe08a00c20e0.

Revert "Fix msan build"
This reverts commit 34fe9613dda3c7d8665b609136a8c12deb122382.

Revert "[CMake] Always mark terminfo as unavailable on Windows"
This reverts commit 76bf26236f6fd453343666c3cd91de8f74ffd89d.

Revert "[CMake] Fix OCaml build failure because of absolute path in system libs"
This reverts commit 8e4acb82f71ad4effec8895b8fc957189ce95933.

Revert "[CMake] Don't look for terminfo libs when LLVM_ENABLE_TERMINFO=OFF"
This reverts commit 495f91fd33d492941c39424a32cf24bcfe192f35.

Revert "Use find_library for ncurses"
This reverts commit a52173a3e56553d7b795bcf3cdadcf6433117107.

Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D86521