[lldb-vscode] Reduce chattiness of progress events

Authored by wallace on Tue, Apr 13, 9:45 PM.


[lldb-vscode] Reduce chattiness of progress events

Progress events internally have a completed count and a total count, which can mean that for a job with 20000 total counts, then there will be 20000 events fired. Sending all these events to the IDE can break it. For example, debugging a huge binary resulted in around 50 million messages, which rendered the IDE useless, as it was spending all of its resources simply parsing messages and updating the UI.

A way to fix this is to send unique percentage updates, which are at most 100 per job, which is not much. I was able to debug that big target and confirm that only unique percentage notifications are sent. I can't write a test for this because the current test is flaky. I'll figure out later how to make the test reliable, but fixing this will unblock us from deploy a new version of lldb-vscode.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D100443


wallaceWed, Apr 14, 1:00 PM
Differential Revision
D100443: [lldb-vscode] Reduce chattiness of progress events
rGcf20286bcc9b: [mlir] Use default lli JIT in Integration tests