[RISCV] Fix incorrect use of MCInstBuilder

Authored by rogfer01 on Aug 14 2018, 1:30 AM.


[RISCV] Fix incorrect use of MCInstBuilder

This is a fix for r339314.

MCInstBuilder uses the named parameter idiom and an 'operator MCInst&' to ease
the creation of MCInsts. As the object of MCInstBuilder owns the MCInst is
manipulating, the lifetime of the MCInst is bound to that of MCInstBuilder.

In r339314 I bound a reference to the MCInst in an initializer. The
temporary of MCInstBuilder (and also its MCInst) is destroyed at the end of
the declaration leading to a dangling reference.

Fix this by using MCInstBuilder inside an argument of a function call.
Temporaries in function calls are destroyed in the enclosing full expression,
so the the reference to MCInst is still valid when emitToStreamer executes.

llvm-svn: 339654