Revert "[lldb] Calculate relative path for symbol links"

Authored by jingham on Oct 9 2019, 1:56 PM.


Revert "[lldb] Calculate relative path for symbol links"

This reverts commit 958091c209d0a92e38b9cb27fb77a0ff7da11853.

This commit incorrectly sets the _lldb.so symlink (at least it does when
building in Stefans' two build directory mode, where you build llvm with
cmake/ninja and lldb with cmake/Xcode, using a cmake generated project.

The _lldb.so link is SUPPOSED to point to:


but instead it points to


which is where LLDB was staged to before constructing the framework. This
causes all sorts of problems when we then build the lldb driver into bin -
remember that MacOS is a case-preserving but case insensitive filesystem -
so when we later go to dlopen _lldb.so, we dlopen the main executable instead.

llvm-svn: 374226