[ARM] MVE: allow soft-float ABI to pass vector types.

Authored by simon_tatham on Jul 2 2019, 4:26 AM.


[ARM] MVE: allow soft-float ABI to pass vector types.

Passing a vector type over the soft-float ABI involves it being split
into four GPRs, so the first thing that has to happen at the start of
the function is to recombine those into a vector register. The ABI
types all vectors as v2f64, so we need to support BUILD_VECTOR for
that type, which I do in this patch by allowing it to be expanded in
terms of INSERT_VECTOR_ELT, and writing an ISel pattern for that in
turn. Similarly, I provide a rule for EXTRACT_VECTOR_ELT so that a
returned vector can be marshalled back into GPRs.

While I'm here, I've also added ISD::UNDEF to the list of operations
we turn back on in setAllExpand, because I noticed that otherwise it
gets expanded into a BUILD_VECTOR with explicit zero inputs, leading
to pointless machine instructions to zero out a vector register that's
about to have every lane overwritten of in any case.

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