[AliasAnalysis] Second prototype to cache BasicAA / anyAA state.

Authored by asbirlea on Mar 22 2019, 10:22 AM.


[AliasAnalysis] Second prototype to cache BasicAA / anyAA state.

Adding contained caching to AliasAnalysis. BasicAA is currently the only one using it.

AA changes:

  • This patch is pulling the caches from BasicAAResults to AAResults, meaning the getModRefInfo call benefits from the IsCapturedCache as well when in "batch mode".
  • All AAResultBase implementations add the QueryInfo member to all APIs. AAResults APIs maintain wrapper APIs such that all alias()/getModRefInfo call sites are unchanged.
  • AA now provides a BatchAAResults type as a wrapper to AAResults. It keeps the AAResults instance and a QueryInfo instantiated to batch mode. It delegates all work to the AAResults instance with the batched QueryInfo. More API wrappers may be needed in BatchAAResults; only the minimum needed is currently added.

MemorySSA changes:

  • All walkers are now templated on the AA used (AliasAnalysis=AAResults or BatchAAResults).
  • At build time, we optimize uses; now we create a local walker (lives only as long as OptimizeUses does) using BatchAAResults.
  • All Walkers have an internal AA and only use that now, never the AA in MemorySSA. The Walkers receive the AA they will use when built.
  • The walker we use for queries after the build is instantiated on AliasAnalysis and is built after building MemorySSA and setting AA.
  • All static methods doing walking are now templated on AliasAnalysisType if they are used both during build and after. If used only during build, the method now only takes a BatchAAResults. If used only after build, the method now takes an AliasAnalysis.

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Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D59315

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