[ARM][MVE] Add intrinsics for immediate shifts. (reland)

Authored by simon_tatham on Dec 11 2019, 2:04 AM.


[ARM][MVE] Add intrinsics for immediate shifts. (reland)

This adds the family of vshlq_n and vshrq_n ACLE intrinsics, which
shift every lane of a vector left or right by a compile-time
immediate. They mostly work by expanding to the IR shl, lshr and
ashr operations, with their second operand being a vector splat of
the immediate.

There's a fiddly special case, though. ACLE specifies that the
immediate in vshrq_n can take values up to and including the bit
size of the vector lane. But LLVM IR thinks that shifting right by the
full size of the lane is UB, and feels free to replace the lshr with
an undef half way through the optimization pipeline. Hence, to keep
this legal in source code, I have to detect it at codegen time.
Logical (unsigned) right shifts by the element size are handled by
simply emitting the zero vector; arithmetic ones are converted into a
shift of one bit less, which will always give the same output.

In order to do that check, I also had to enhance the tablegen
MveEmitter so that it can cope with converting a builtin function's
operand into a bare integer to pass to a code-generating subfunction.
Previously the only bare integers it knew how to handle were flags
generated from within arm_mve.td.

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