[docs][llvm-readobj] Improve llvm-readobj documentation

Authored by jhenderson on Tue, Jun 25, 6:12 AM.


[docs][llvm-readobj] Improve llvm-readobj documentation

There were a number of issues with the llvm-readobj documentation. The
following points were raised in https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42255,
and have been fixed in this patch:

  1. The description section claimed "The tool and its output is primarily designed for use in FileCheck-based tests" which is not really the case any more.
  2. The documentation used single-dash long options for option names, but references in the help text to other options exclusively used double-dashes. Fixed by standardising on double-dashes for all long-form options.
  3. The majority of options available and in the help text were not present in the documentation. This patch adds them.
  4. Several aliases, both long and short, were missing, e.g. --relocs.

Additionally, this patch improves the documentation by:

  1. Splitting the options into categories based on the file format they are specific to.
  2. Updating the Exit Status section to correctly mention that errors lead to a non-zero exit code.
  3. Adding a See Also section referencing other similar LLVM tools.
  4. Improving/correcting some of the descriptions of options that did not quite match up with what llvm-readobj does.

Reviewed by: peter.smith, MaskRay, mtrent

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D63719

llvm-svn: 364306


jhendersonTue, Jun 25, 6:12 AM
Differential Revision
D63719: [docs][llvm-readobj] Improve llvm-readobj documentation
rGec18f0f64c54: [ARM] Re-enable misspelled RUN: lines in fullfp16.s.