[Driver] Introduce -stdlib++-isystem

Authored by smeenai on Aug 5 2019, 11:48 PM.


[Driver] Introduce -stdlib++-isystem

There are times when we wish to explicitly control the C++ standard
library search paths used by the driver. For example, when we're
building against the Android NDK, we might want to use the NDK's C++
headers (which have a custom inline namespace) even if we have C++
headers installed next to the driver. We might also be building against
a non-standard directory layout and wanting to specify the C++ standard
library include directories explicitly.

We could accomplish this by passing -nostdinc++ and adding an explicit
-isystem for our custom search directories. However, users of our
toolchain may themselves want to use -nostdinc++ and a custom C++ search
path (libc++'s build does this, for example), and our added -isystem
won't respect the -nostdinc++, leading to multiple C++ header
directories on the search path, which causes build failures.

Add a new driver option -stdlib++-isystem to support this use case.
Passing this option suppresses adding the default C++ library include
paths in the driver, and it also respects -nostdinc++ to allow users to
still override the C++ library paths themselves.

It's a bit unfortunate that we end up with both -stdlib++-isystem and
-cxx-isystem, but their semantics differ significantly. -cxx-isystem is
unaffected by -nostdinc++ and is added to the end of the search path
(which is not appropriate for C++ standard library headers, since they
often #include_next into other system headers), while -stdlib++-isystem
respects -nostdinc++, is added to the beginning of the search path, and
suppresses the default C++ library include paths.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D64089

llvm-svn: 367982