[X86][Btver2] Fix latency and throughput of CMPXCHG instructions.

Authored by andreadb on Aug 20 2019, 3:23 AM.


[X86][Btver2] Fix latency and throughput of CMPXCHG instructions.

On Jaguar, CMPXCHG has a latency of 11cy, and a maximum throughput of 0.33 IPC.
Throughput is superiorly limited to 0.33 because of the implicit in/out
dependency on register EAX. In the case of repeated non-atomic CMPXCHG with the
same memory location, store-to-load forwarding occurs and values for sequent
loads are quickly forwarded from the store buffer.

Interestingly, the functionality in LLVM that computes the reciprocal throughput
doesn't seem to know about RMW instructions. That functionality only looks at
the "consumed resource cycles" for the throughput computation. It should be
fixed/improved by a future patch. In particular, for RMW instructions, that
logic should also take into account for the write latency of in/out register

An atomic CMPXCHG has a latency of ~17cy. Throughput is also limited to
~17cy/inst due to cache locking, which prevents other memory uOPs to start
executing before the "lock releasing" store uOP.

CMPXCHG8rr and CMPXCHG8rm are treated specially because they decode to one less
macro opcode. Their latency tend to be the same as the other RR/RM variants. RR
variants are relatively fast 3cy (but still microcoded - 5 macro opcodes).

CMPXCHG8B is 11cy and unfortunately doesn't seem to benefit from store-to-load
forwarding. That means, throughput is clearly limited by the in/out dependency
on GPR registers. The uOP composition is sadly unknown (due to the lack of PMCs
for the Integer pipes). I have reused the same mix of consumed resource from the
other CMPXCHG instructions for CMPXCHG8B too.
LOCK CMPXCHG8B is instead 18cycles.

CMPXCHG16B is 32cycles. Up to 38cycles when the LOCK prefix is specified. Due to
the in/out dependencies, throughput is limited to 1 instruction every 32 (or 38)
cycles dependeing on whether the LOCK prefix is specified or not.
I wouldn't be surprised if the microcode for CMPXCHG16B is similar to 2x
microcode from CMPXCHG8B. So, I have speculatively set the JALU01 consumption to
2x the resource cycles used for CMPXCHG8B.

The two new hasLockPrefix() functions are used by the btver2 scheduling model
check if a MCInst/MachineInst has a LOCK prefix. Calls to hasLockPrefix() have
been encoded in predicates of variant scheduling classes that describe lat/thr

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D66424

llvm-svn: 369365


andreadbAug 20 2019, 3:23 AM
Differential Revision
D66424: [X86][Btver2] Fix latency and throughput of CMPXCHG instructions.
rGa83220c6f2ec: [libcxx] Fix build breakage on mips