[CUDA][HIP] Fix overloading resolution

Authored by yaxunl on Nov 25 2020, 7:33 AM.


[CUDA][HIP] Fix overloading resolution

This patch implements correct hostness based overloading resolution
in isBetterOverloadCandidate.

Based on hostness, if one candidate is emittable whereas the other
candidate is not emittable, the emittable candidate is better.

If both candidates are emittable, or neither is emittable based on hostness, then
other rules should be used to determine which is better. This is because
hostness based overloading resolution is mostly for determining
viability of a function. If two functions are both viable, other factors
should take precedence in preference.

If other rules cannot determine which is better, CUDA preference will be
used again to determine which is better.

However, correct hostness based overloading resolution
requires overloading resolution diagnostics to be deferred,
which is not on by default. The rationale is that deferring
overloading resolution diagnostics may hide overloading reslolutions
issues in header files.

An option -fgpu-exclude-wrong-side-overloads is added, which is off by

When -fgpu-exclude-wrong-side-overloads is off, keep the original behavior,
that is, exclude wrong side overloads only if there are same side overloads.
This may result in incorrect overloading resolution when there are no
same side candates, but is sufficient for most CUDA/HIP applications.

When -fgpu-exclude-wrong-side-overloads is on, enable deferring
overloading resolution diagnostics and enable correct hostness
based overloading resolution, i.e., always exclude wrong side overloads.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D80450


yaxunlDec 2 2020, 1:33 PM
Differential Revision
D80450: [CUDA][HIP] Fix HD function resolution
rGbaa005c96ce6: [dfsan] Add a test case for phi