[Fixed Point Arithmetic] Addition of the remaining fixed point types and their…

Authored by leonardchan on Jun 14 2018, 7:53 AM.


[Fixed Point Arithmetic] Addition of the remaining fixed point types and their saturated equivalents

This diff includes changes for the remaining _Fract and _Sat fixed point types.

signed short _Fract s_short_fract;
signed _Fract s_fract;
signed long _Fract s_long_fract;
unsigned short _Fract u_short_fract;
unsigned _Fract u_fract;
unsigned long _Fract u_long_fract;

// Aliased fixed point types
short _Accum short_accum;
_Accum accum;
long _Accum long_accum;
short _Fract short_fract;
_Fract fract;
long _Fract long_fract;

// Saturated fixed point types
_Sat signed short _Accum sat_s_short_accum;
_Sat signed _Accum sat_s_accum;
_Sat signed long _Accum sat_s_long_accum;
_Sat unsigned short _Accum sat_u_short_accum;
_Sat unsigned _Accum sat_u_accum;
_Sat unsigned long _Accum sat_u_long_accum;
_Sat signed short _Fract sat_s_short_fract;
_Sat signed _Fract sat_s_fract;
_Sat signed long _Fract sat_s_long_fract;
_Sat unsigned short _Fract sat_u_short_fract;
_Sat unsigned _Fract sat_u_fract;
_Sat unsigned long _Fract sat_u_long_fract;

// Aliased saturated fixed point types
_Sat short _Accum sat_short_accum;
_Sat _Accum sat_accum;
_Sat long _Accum sat_long_accum;
_Sat short _Fract sat_short_fract;
_Sat _Fract sat_fract;
_Sat long _Fract sat_long_fract;

This diff only allows for declaration of these fixed point types. Assignment and other operations done on fixed point types according to http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg14/www/docs/n1169.pdf will be added in future patches.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D46911

llvm-svn: 334718