Emit TypeNodes.def with tblgen.

Authored by rjmccall on Oct 1 2019, 4:13 PM.


Emit TypeNodes.def with tblgen.

The primary goal here is to make the type node hierarchy available to
other tblgen backends, although it should also make it easier to generate
more selective x-macros in the future.

Because tblgen doesn't seem to allow backends to preserve the source
order of defs, this is not NFC because it significantly re-orders IDs.
I've fixed the one (fortunately obvious) place where we relied on
the old order. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to share code with the
existing AST-node x-macro generators because the x-macro schema we use
for types is different in a number of ways. The main loss is that
subclasses aren't ordered together, which doesn't seem important for
types because the hierarchy is generally very shallow with little

llvm-svn: 373407