add option to instantiate templates already in the PCH

Authored by llunak on Apr 19 2020, 8:49 AM.


add option to instantiate templates already in the PCH

Add -fpch-instantiate-templates which makes template instantiations be
performed already in the PCH instead of it being done in every single
file that uses the PCH (but every single file will still do it as well
in order to handle its own instantiations). I can see 20-30% build
time saved with the few tests I've tried.

The change may reorder compiler output and also generated code, but
should be generally safe and produce functionally identical code.
There are some rare cases that do not compile with it,
such as test/PCH/pch-instantiate-templates-forward-decl.cpp. If
template instantiation bailed out instead of reporting the error,
these instantiations could even be postponed, which would make them

Enable this by default for clang-cl. MSVC creates PCHs by compiling
them using an empty .cpp file, which means templates are instantiated
while building the PCH and so the .h needs to be self-contained,
making test/PCH/pch-instantiate-templates-forward-decl.cpp to fail
with MSVC anyway. So the option being enabled for clang-cl matches this.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D69585


llunakJun 21 2020, 8:05 AM
Differential Revision
D69585: Add option to instantiate templates already in the PCH
rG730ecb63ec0b: [CGP] Convert phi types