Teach the constant folder to look through bitcast constant expressions much…

Authored by chandlerc on May 15 2014, 2:56 AM.


Teach the constant folder to look through bitcast constant expressions much more effectively when trying to constant fold a load of a constant. Previously, we only handled bitcasts by trying to find a totally generic byte representation of the constant and use that. Now, we look through the bitcast to see what constant we might fold the load into, and then try to form a constant expression cast of the found value that would be equivalent to loading the value.

You might wonder why on earth this actually matters. Well, turns out
that the Itanium ABI causes us to create a single array for a vtable
where the first elements are virtual base offsets, followed by the
virtual function pointers. Because the array is homogenous the element
type is consistently i8* and we inttoptr the virtual base offsets into
the initial elements.

Then constructors bitcast these pointers to i64 pointers prior to
loading them. Boom, no more constant folding of virtual base offsets.
This is the first fix to LLVM to address the *insane* performance Eric
Niebler discovered with Clang on his range comprehensions[1]. There is
more to come though, this doesn't *really* fix the problem fully.

[1]: http://ericniebler.com/2014/04/27/range-comprehensions/

llvm-svn: 208856


chandlercMay 15 2014, 2:56 AM
rG19627f470b53: [mips][mips64r6] Test that branch likelies are not accepted on MIPS64r6.