Revert "Outline non returning functions unless a longjmp"

Authored by vsk on Oct 5 2020, 1:41 PM.


Revert "Outline non returning functions unless a longjmp"

This reverts commit 20797989ea190f2ef22d13c5a7a0535fe9afa58b.

This patch (https://reviews.llvm.org/D69257) cannot complete a stage2
build due to the change:


There are several concrete issues here:

  • The callee may not be a function, so getCalledFunction can assert.
  • The called value may not have a name, so getName can assert.
  • There's no distinction made between "my_longjmp_test_helper" and the actual longjmp libcall.

At a higher level, there's a serious layering problem here. The
splitting pass makes policy decisions in a general way (e.g. based on
attributes or profile data). Special-casing certain names breaks the
layering. It subverts the work of library maintainers (who may now need
to opt-out of unexpected optimization behavior for any affected
functions) and can lead to inconsistent optimization behavior (as not
all llvm passes special-case ".*longjmp.*" in the same way).

The patch may need significant revision to address these issues.

But the immediate issue is that this crashes while compiling llvm's unit
tests in a stage2 build (due to the getName problem).