[SLH] Introduce a new pass to do Speculative Load Hardening to mitigate Spectre…

Authored by chandlerc on Jul 13 2018, 4:13 AM.


[SLH] Introduce a new pass to do Speculative Load Hardening to mitigate Spectre variant #1 for x86.

There is a lengthy, detailed RFC thread on llvm-dev which discusses the
high level issues. High level discussion is probably best there.

I've split the design document out of this patch and will land it
separately once I update it to reflect the latest edits and updates to
the Google doc used in the RFC thread.

This patch is really just an initial step. It isn't quite ready for
prime time and is only exposed via debugging flags. It has two major
limitations currently:

  1. It only supports x86-64, and only certain ABIs. Many assumptions are currently hard-coded and need to be factored out of the code here.
  2. It doesn't include any options for more fine-grained control, either of which control flow edges are significant or which loads are important to be hardened.
  3. The code is still quite rough and the testing lighter than I'd like.

However, this is enough for people to begin using. I have had numerous
requests from people to be able to experiment with this patch to
understand the trade-offs it presents and how to use it. We would also
like to encourage work to similar effect in other toolchains.

The ARM folks are actively developing a system based on this for
AArch64. We hope to merge this with their efforts when both are far
enough along. But we also don't want to block making this available on
that effort.

Many thanks to the *numerous* people who helped along the way here. For
this patch in particular, both Eric and Craig did a ton of review to
even have confidence in it as an early, rough cut at this functionality.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D44824

llvm-svn: 336990