[mlir][DialectConversion] Refactor how block argument types get converted

Authored by rriddle on Thu, Jun 18, 3:45 PM.


[mlir][DialectConversion] Refactor how block argument types get converted

This revision removes the TypeConverter parameter passed to the apply* methods, and instead moves the responsibility of region type conversion to patterns. The types of a region can be converted using the 'convertRegionTypes' method, which acts similarly to the existing 'applySignatureConversion'. This method ensures that all blocks within, and including those moved into, a region will have the block argument types converted using the provided converter.

This has the benefit of making more of the legalization logic controlled by patterns, instead of being handled explicitly by the driver. It also opens up the possibility to support multiple type conversions at some point in the future.

This revision also adds a new utility class FailureOr<T> that provides a LogicalResult friendly facility for returning a failure or a valid result value.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D81681