[flang] [LLVMify F18] Replace the use std::ostream with LLVM streams llvm…

Authored by CarolineConcatto on Feb 28 2020, 7:11 AM.


[flang] [LLVMify F18] Replace the use std::ostream with LLVM streams llvm::ostream

This patch replaces the occurrence of std::ostream by llvm::raw_ostream.
In LLVM Coding Standards[1] "All new code should use raw_ostream
instead of ostream".[1]

As a consequence, this patch also replaces the use of:

std::stringstream by llvm::raw_string_ostream or llvm::raw_ostream*
std::ofstream by llvm::raw_fd_ostream
std::endl by '\n' and flush()[2]
std::cout by llvm::outs()   and
std::cerr by llvm::errs()

It also replaces std::strerro by llvm::sys::StrError** , but NOT in Fortran
runtime libraries

*std::stringstream were replaced by llvm::raw_ostream in all methods that
used std::stringstream as a parameter. Moreover, it removes the pointers to
these streams.


Signed-off-by: Caroline Concatto <caroline.concatto@arm.com>

Running clang-format-7

Signed-off-by: Caroline Concatto <caroline.concatto@arm.com>

Removing residue of ostream library

Signed-off-by: Caroline Concatto <caroline.concatto@arm.com>

Original-commit: flang-compiler/f18@a3507d44b8911e6024033aa583c1dc54e0eb89fd
Reviewed-on: https://github.com/flang-compiler/f18/pull/1047