[mlir] Revisit std.subview handling of static information.

Authored by nicolasvasilache on May 11 2020, 2:38 PM.


[mlir] Revisit std.subview handling of static information.

The main objective of this revision is to change the way static information is represented, propagated and canonicalized in the SubViewOp.

In the current implementation the issue is that canonicalization may strictly lose information because static offsets are combined in irrecoverable ways into the result type, in order to fit the strided memref representation.

The core semantics of the op do not change but the parser and printer do: the op always requires rank offsets, sizes and strides. These quantities can now be either SSA values or static integer attributes.

The result type is automatically deduced from the static information and more powerful canonicalizations (as powerful as the representation with sentinel ? values allows). Previously static information was inferred on a best-effort basis from looking at the source and destination type.

Relevant tests are rewritten to use the idiomatic offset: x, strides : [...]-form. Bugs are corrected along the way that were not trivially visible in flattened strided memref form.

It is an open question, and a longer discussion, whether a better result type representation would be a nicer alternative. For now, the subview op carries the required semantic.

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